Abnormal Breathing Is the Cause of Nasal Congestion

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Published: 19th January 2011
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Up to 10-15% of world's population suffer from chronic problems with nasal congestion. Overcounter medication and creams do not provide an efficient relief from this problem. What is the mechanism and cause of sinusitis and related conditions?

Nasal congestion is really a respiratory issue. Hence, we need to examine problems relevant to breath in modern day ordinary individuals. Everybody can detect that contemporary average men and women have various respiratory problems, for instance sighing, shortness of breath during exercise, upper chest breathing, poor breath holding abilities, mouth breathing and others.

Modern medical publications have uncovered that modern normal men and women breathe heavily and deeply in comparison with humans living around a century ago. The median breath rate in modern day ordinary men and women is approximately twelve Liters of air in one min rather than six (the scientific norm).

Consider that vast numbers of current people possess a silly superstition that large involuntary breathing pattern (or chronic hyperventilation) augments content of O2 in the tissues. Folks likewise assume that carbon dioxide is a toxic chemical.

Thousands of medical research papers have proven that chronic hyperventilation causes DECREASED concentration of oxygen in the body cells. Furthermore, CO2 regulates a lot of other fundamental functions, such as: bronchodilation (dilation of airways), blood pH regulation, blood pressure maintenance, weight control, control of stomach pH, relaxation of muscular cells, sleep regulation, healthy immunity, release of oxygen in capillaries (the Bohr effect), oxygen delivery to all vital organs, blood sugar control, synthesis of proteins and lipids, heart rate regulation, control of respiration, repair of alveoli in the lungs and countless other key biochemical effects.

How abnormal breathing leads to nasal congestion

Amongst the primary effects of abnormal breathing with regards to nasal congestion are:

- recurrent nasal microbial infections due to the suppressed immune system

- poor blood supply and oxygenation of cilia cells (hence, their reduced potential to clear waste out)

- excess production of mucus.

Measure your involuntary breathing pattern using a DIY test

Immediately after your USUAL expiration, pinch the nose and count leangth of your stress-free breath hold. Bear in mind that your breath pattern immediately after the test must always be similar to your respiration pattern before the breath hold: no discomfort whatsoever following the test.

This particular test quantifies two factors at once. Firstly, the final result quantifies how deep the individual breath pattern is. Second, it evaluates O2 level in the body.

Provided that the basal respiration pattern is approximately standard, he or she must be able to hold the breath hold for as much as 40 s.

As medical experience has confirmed, persons with nasal congestion have less than twenty sec for this DIY body oxygen test. As a result, the individual breathes more than twice the scientific norm.

Long term alternative to nasal congestion

If your automatic respiratory pattern is so light that your tissue O2 content is above 20 s, you will not experience acute troubles with nasal congestion. Therefore, you should reduce your large breathing in order to accomplish this goal.

Furthermore, well established Russian physiologist Dr. KP Buteyko formulated an Emergency Procedure: respiration workout to relieve nasal congestion (Search the web for "Clear Stuffy Nose Breathing Exercise"). It is dependent upon diminished breathing and accumulation of carbon dioxide in the lungs and blood and the link is offered in the resource box below. Over 90% of people can unblock their noses, using this breathing exercise, in 1-2 minutes!

Useful way of life corrections

Breathing normalization process involves relaxation of body muscles and constant regulation of respiration including:

- constant nasal breathing (hence, learn how to tape your mouth with a surgical tape, if your mouth is usually dry in the morning

- avoidance of sleeping on one's back (we breathe almost twice more air, if we sleep on our backs at night)

- physical activity for (at least 2 hours daily with only nasal breathing, in and out, otherwise exercise is almost useless for most, especially sick patients)

- right posture for abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing 24/7

- learning stomach breathing 24/7

- eating only when hungry

- and many other lifestyle-related details for greater body oxygen level.


Learn Diaphrgmatic Breathing 24/7 so that to have more oxygen in body cells.

Benefits of Running explains how and why running with nose breathing is the most efficient method to boost body oxygen levels.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov is the author and creator of NormalBreathing.com devoted to sharing education and learning with reference to body oxygen content, ideal breathing pattern, CO2 effects, effects of hyperventilation, Buteyko respiratory reconditioning method, Frolov device and other breath techniques. The site has hundreds of medical quotes, clinical trials results, graphs, charts, tables, research abstracts, manuals, free exercises, analysis of respiratory techniques, lifestyle modules, and other resources for our better health.

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