Benefits of Buteyko Mouth Taping Technique for Night Sleep and Better Wellbeing

Published: 24th May 2011
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Buteyko Mouth Taping Technique is a part of the Buteyko breathing technique. When Dr. Konstantin Buteyko taught his first patients (mostly hospitalized people with severe asthma and heart diseases), they all discovered that sleep produces a profound adverse effect on their health.

Indeed, there are many Western studies that found that sick people have certain times of the night sleep when their health becomes worse and they are likely to experience acute exacerbations of asthma, seizures, acute COPD, heart attacks, and many other emergency episodes caused by sleep or transition into a horizontal position. All these studies are summarized under the title "Sleep Heavy Breathing Effect". Furthermore, these studies also confirmed that early morning hours have highest mortality rates as well. Apart from the horizontal position, are there any additional negative factors?

Since Dr. Buteyko and his medical colleagues tested and treated thousands of people, they found that the effects of sleep become worse due to 2 additional factors: mouth breathing and supine sleep (sleeping on one's back). Therefore, they invented techniques how to prevent them.

The technique that relates to mouth taping was actually suggested by Soviet patients in the 1960's. Initially, it is smart to find out if one has this problem. Check presence of mouth dryness after waking up in the morning. If the mouth is somewhat dry and/or you want to drink water, you had mouth breathing during sleep.

Mouth breathing could appear in the middle of the night (at about 3 or 4 am). Some people start mouth breathing almost immediately after they fall asleep.

What are the effects? Only half an hour of oral respiration is enough to generate free radicals in body cells due to tissue hypoxia: mouth breathing leads to reduced oxygen levels in the brain and other vital organs. Furthermore, losses of carbon dioxide and nasal nitric oxide causes reverse changes in control of respiration: we start to hyperventilate.

It is easy to check that mouth breathers commonly have less than 20 s for the body oxygen test (a special breath holding test), while the medical norm is at least 40 s.

The Buteyko Mouth Taping Technique itself requires a piece of surgical tape that can be put across (most popular) or along the mouth to keep is shut during sleep. It is generally very safe and produces a profound positive effect on body oxygen levels and better well being in the morning. Some other details and effects are explained in the link below.

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